Mission of our instution is; to create an added value to national economy, give importance to personnel training at high level, to create private security solutions in comformity with our country’s conditions by following developments in the world.

Tepe Deefence and Security Systems Industry Inc constitute security mentality requiring these days and future with their sources international connections, consumer-oriented target policies and trained specialist staff and aims to develop the currenct system in this direction.Tepe Defence and Security Systmes Industry Inc. has comprised its human resources management from values of Bilkent Holding and while Tepe Defence and Security are choosing personnel, the company determines a policy giving an importance that personnels are energectic specialist on their position considered for them and are modern and adopt to Kemalist remarks, open to change innovation and changing, have entrepreneurial ability, knowledge, skill and experience and aim developing themselves and system.

Besides Tepe Defence and Securtiy Systems Industry Inc. considers satisfaction and plessure for all personnel, the company carries out their personnel management in accordance with all legal necessities and prensibles of Bilkent Holding.

Our personnel is supported improvement of their personal skills at the highest levels. Our aim is to provide to keep dynamic our organisation structure and be present for changes. Our company is internalised that our human resources is necessary to be used effectively and productively and approach of continuously amendment and advancement leads to human resources in direction of the company’s goals. Thanks to this,it is possible to always offer a professional working environment for our personnel.

Becasuse our administrative management is based on ‘RESPECT HUMAN”, all personnel has speech and knowledge acquisition. Because of this aim, efficiency of inner communication is given special importance and personnel’s perception is followed with direct or collective interviews. Coordinator of Human Resources and personels of the human resources visit scopes and report the results to Senior management.