Tepe Defence and Security Systems Industry Inc.’s Human Resorusces Coordination actually began works in October 2008.

Our coordinatorship under the name of Human Resources and Personnel Affairs operating In advance of 2008 year has advanced theirworking subjects after the date.

Our company carries on in service sector. Primary resource is human because of given security service, this resource must be in accordance with mission of Tepe Group. The department is in service responsively to work with current personnels working of our company and choose personnels in direction of demands of institutions we give service.

The company formed the management policy of human resources in accordance with Bilkent Holding. According to our policy, our company pay attention the followings while choosing personnel; the company gives an importance that personnels are energectic specialist on their position considered for them and are modern and adopt Kemalist remarks, open to change innovation and changing, have entrepreneurial ability, knowledge, skill and experience and aim at developing themselves and system.

Education level and professional competence level wanted for each duty in our company are determined with job definition and the company decides tasking of our personnel according to determined salary.