Service in detail is provided on the subject of valuable document-item, transfer of money and handling and preserving of them.

Our company, which has been structured in order to give service on the subject of ATM support with armed private security personnel and armoured vehicle from 14 group centres to nation-wide from, provides these services; Turkish Republic Central Bank drawing /lodgement money, cash centres and secure value transfer among registered branch officies, collection of corporate customer; ATM services provides these services; cash supply,maintenance services, ATM control services.

  • Banknotes processing
  • Decomposition according to banknotes quality
  • Detail and global counting
  • Bankrolling
  • Bailing
  • Coin processing counting
  • Bagging
  • ATM cash preparation
  • Preparation ATM cassette according to demamded standards
  • Counting of Banknotes in ATM cassette
  • Counting of Banknotes of BNA