Tepe Defence has succeed in continously enhancing to higher its quality line with the certificates and experiences that the company has added to its portfolio for years and keeping customer service satisfication at top level.


Our vision is to be a leader company composing norms in its service quality in national and international marketing in the sectors we are active.


Our mission is to provide security officers , being an indispensable factor of security, who are trained about needing of private security for either public institution and private institution and equipped with modern equipments, carefully determined their criterias pursuant to law no 5188.

To provide to coach Private Security Officers who are able to fulfil private security and guard duties given in legislations with the purpose of helping general law enforcement officers on safety and public issue with the intention of being able to guard private property and have technical and tactical information, high working discipline, occupational and general culture, believe in superiority of law, are respectful for human rights, adopt contemporary and dynamical thought system, accommodate developing technologies, realize their competences and their applications, have impressive communication ability, supreme character and qualifications.

Company Policy

Our policy is to offer product and service beyond expectations to our customers as a leader institution in defence industry and security systems sector in terms of technology and quality by having a sense of responsibility for environment, society and its employees.

To reduce our cost by working within the frame of collaboration and confidence which will provide primarily quality, environmental awareness and labor security with our supplier we procure property and service, to increase our productivity and profitability in the long term and to continously direct better and truth by systematically and regularly evaluating our activities in fields of all activities and service units.

We make a commitment to meet the legal requirements related to environment, occupational health and safety within the scope of our working, to prevent environmental effects and pollution and accident risk.

Being provided continuity of Intagrated Management Systems and betterment is a duty for all of us working in the company.