Cooperation of Tepe Defence and TOFAŞ

Tofaş producing vehicle over 250 thousands in only 2012 and having an industrial facility being one of Turkey’s the largest facility taking 1 million square meter whose round is 5 km relies on Tepe Security’s profession for its facilities existing prototype models and having a high privacy standard.

Industrial facilities have to conform to high privacy standards no matter what production is produced. These stanadards involve in security of visitors as well as workers of facility confirm with occupational security standards. Tofaş whose foundation was laid by Vehbi Koç, founder of Koç Group, equal shareholder are Koç Holding and Fiat S.p.A and facility taking place on entry of Bursa carries on the activity as one of the modernest facilities today with its high production and security standards as one of Fiat Group’s important production facility.

Tofaş supplying its physical security with its security staffs in the company on elsapsed time from 1969 year it was founded to starting of 2010 year decided its physical security service to take from a proffesional institution three and a half years ago pursuant to policies determined by Koç Holding to keep up with changes having in either Turkey and the World and to focus on automotive industry. The changing period beginning with preparation time of the idea in December 2009 concluded to be performed the service by Tepe Defence and Security Systems in the end of approximately six months period. Ersin Akköseler,who is Tofaş Human Resources Directorship Physical Security Supervisor, explained the experienced transition period and why Tepe Security was preferred; "We demand as an institution that the company we take service fulfill various criterias. Among them corporateness, reassurance, having knowledge, continuity of administrative level, disciplined behaviours with soultion oriented warm approach of management. Tepe Defence and Security Systems provide speaking with the same language and approaching with the same sensibility like ours with the unchanged management staff."

Akköseler emphasies Tofaş has a special place with its ‘ Silver’ production level reaching in 170 Fiat Group Factory in the field of World Class Manufacturing (WCM) summarized the security systems of Tofaş facilities in Bursa: ‘We take care cutting edge technology electronic equipments in physical security systems. As well as our fiber optics network system, we have CCTV Camera having different characteristic, electronic fence and sensor system. We became a model for not only our sector but also very big facilities in our country by taking part the type of the security measures in our facility in 1996. We want to determine that contributions of Jan Nahum, our general director in this period, authorised persons in Human Resources Disretorship Industrial Relations Management we depended as Security and Support Services Unit. Our primary duty is to control on behalf of the company compatibility between implementation perfromed by the security company and the law no 5188 and the other relevant regulations. Moreover, we provide that securtiy system equipments are updated, the deterrences are increased by being actualised projects being suitable for new security technology and our workers feel secure theirselves.

Team strengthened with regular training

Tepe Defence and Security Systems Personnels who will be charged in the facility after the signed contract is grafted culture of ‘ You are like an ironfist in a velvet glove’ that has been implemented for years by Tofaş team. This slogan showing employees of Tofaş works in secure medium and providing deterrence feeling against malevolent persons is internalized by personnels chosen by Tepe Defence and Security Systems in a short time. Abilities of Tepe Defence and Security Systems staffs in three shifts systems consisting of 100 personnels are enriched with training arranged in nearly each month pursuant to the program regulated by both of the companies’ authorities. Single point trainings and behavioural competency trainings in task area provides an important added value to Project. Different trainings consisting of headlines like doubtful package, vehicle following, appearance description of a person are being practised in out of facility at times. For example, X-ray experts is taking their trainings in airports with coordination of Tepe Defence and Security Systems.

"We performed the successful project"

Tofaş Project being one of the biggest industrial facility security projects of Tepe Defence and Security Systems are gradually completing in approximately two months. Ersin Akköseler expressed: ‘the handover was not actualised in one night after the servise started because of scope and qualification of the project. Tofaş is a well-established institution having specific implementations and customs. Tofaş culture having the old security personnels and team spirit was transferred to new Tepe Defence and Security Systems personnels in two-month period. In this period, ı don’t forget that our old security personnel’support and selfless. Thanks to their efforts, the transition in such a big project actualised with zero problem. I thank Ünal Bay and Güven Aşkın of director of Tepe Defence and Security Systems for their working in out of working hours and for weeks by burning the midnight oil.

Akköseler expressed that Tofaş has obtained too much benefits after the projects and emphasized to have staffs being new, youth and dynamic. Akköseler emhasized to be obtained different viewpoint with the Project. Akköseler expressed the obtained benefits: "There have been benefits coming firstly to mind is that structure controlled by internal and external factors, continous and reliable reporting, visitors made by senior managament. In consisting of culture of Tepe Defence and Security Systems and Bilkent Holding, we observe increment about career development and belonging of securitypersonnel thanks to directors’ proactive behaviours and additional trainings. Moreover , we have succeed to be provided a significant benefit in our cost."

Tepe Security in Tepe Anatolian Automotives Museum

Cooperation between Tepe Defence and Security do not involve only Tofaş Production Facilities. Tepe Defence and Security Personnels provides security of Tofaş Anatolian Automotives Museum carrying out with Tofaş Head Office in İstanbul and restoration of an old silk factory in Bursa. İt is possible to see the Anatolian automotive museum for 2600 years the local visitors and foreign visitors who come to the city from out of Bursa show great interest. There is an exhibition field like a museum field in the museum field including of the first automobile produced in Turkey by Tofaş. In this exhibition field, exhibition of time machines continuing until April, 2014 has a different characteristic because of being one of the comprehensive exhibition in this field with approximately 1800 watches. İt is possible to see the watches specially produced by various Europe States and executives of The Ottoman Empire among watches in the exhibiton.

Tofaş Bursa Facilities with numbers

  • Total area is 1 million m2 whose closed area with 400 thousand meter
  • Perimeter of the facility is almmostly 5 km
  • Security personnels consisting of 100 persons
  • 7000 workers
  • Entry and exit between 2000-2500 per day
  • 400 thousands vehicle production per year
  • Production for 5 different mark