“The security sector, which is not only a need but an indispensable requirement, bears quite sensitive responsibilities which complement the security of the society as well as that of the individuals."

TEPE DEFENCE, founded 25 years ago with a visionary perspective, has become the first player in the security sector to have hundred percent Turkish capital in Turkey with an institutional structure. The company, which initially provided inter-holding company security services, started to compete in the external market by gaining an incorporated company identity in 1997.

As a result of his successful work throughout the country, each with its own preferred by industry-leading organizations, spanning a quarter of a century of experience it has become a trusted security firm.

Today it provides private security and security consultation services to the business which need it, without distinguishing among sectors, engaging in its activities across all the geography of Turkey, as well as offering security consultation services overseas. Looking back at the past twenty five years, the point we have come to makes us proud

As TEPE DEFENCE we offer services throughout the entire country. We conduct our activities through the Marmara, The Aegean, The Anatolian and Banking Directorates, Regional Directorates and finally operation managers who are constantly together with the security staff in the field.

TEPE DEFENCE holds one of the first places in the private security sector with its more than 12 thousand employees and around 400 institutional business partner to whom we provide services. It provides security services with 10.200 security staff in 850 different locations except for bank branches, 2.500 security staff in 17 different banks and finance institution, and in total with 12.700 security staff. The main interest areas that we serve are comprised of 56 shopping malls, 541 diverse industrial facilities, 21 sea ports, 72 hotels and 50 private house and settlements.

As TEPE DEFENCE, our goal is to continue our way as a leader company in the sector.

Since first the day we are founded we followed the needs of our sector and customers closely, trying to make a difference. While aiming to be a part of our customer's lives with every solution we offer, we proceeded together. Every single day we have made the bond between us which depends on trust stronger.

Our goal is to be closer to our customers more than ever, being an integral part of their lives as we celebrate the 25th year of our foundation. We do not consider TEPE DEFENCE as merely a security company. At the core of life of our clients, taking the lead together, we want to be an indispensable part of their business. I have full faith, with my colleagues who brought us to today, that we will continue to hold dear the values that we protect without compromising them, ever increasing our success.


Through the Eyes of Our Customers