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We provide maximum safety to all living spaces with our 360° security solutions served with high technology.

What Does 360 Degree Security Solutions Offer You?

As Tepe Defense, we look at security from a multi-faceted perspective. We assure you with state-of-the-art equipment and service quality. 360-degree security solutions include a number of monitoring, inspection devices and other services that can instantly detect every movement and suspicious situation within a specified area. Different technologies are built specifically to detect different security breaches.

• Drone systems for wide area monitoring,
• Radar unit for range and direction information control,
• Surface sensors for intrusions,
• License plate recognition systems,
• Video cameras that capture analytical information.

Many technologies, such as Tepe Defense, fall directly on the main server of the security system and serve as a mechanism that provides versatile control and early detection.

What is CCTV?

“What is CCTV in the security industry? Why is it important?” Let's answer your questions briefly. CCTV, referred to as closed-circuit television "Closed-Circuit Television", refers to a system in which the cameras transmit their signals to a specific address and the relevant signal is not publicly transported.

What are the Features of CCTV Cameras?

The technology of these cameras includes a CCD sensor that converts lights into electrical signals. This signal is converted into a video output signal that can be recorded or displayed on a monitor. Cameras with CCD chips usually have image quality that takes up little memory. It can be set as colored and colorless or as a single color at night. One of its strongest properties is that it can act as a deterrent to those in danger.

What are the Usage Places of CCTV Camera?

• Bridge, road views,
• Any working environment,
• Vehicles such as buses, ships, trains,
• Places such as swimming pool, zoo, amusement park,
• All kinds of regions where there are dark details that the human eye cannot distinguish, and which must be viewed with night vision technology.

Benefits of CCTV Cameras

• Due to their portable nature, they can be positioned almost anywhere.
• They offer a wide viewing area.
• They offer instant monitoring convenience.
• They can shoot distinctively without the need for high light.
• They can shoot for long hours with optimized image quality, they provide convenience in storage areas thanks to their low data size.
• They have a technology used all over the world, additional materials and maintenance can be carried out easily.

Tepe Defense;

• We prepare risk/threat evaluation,
• We put forward client expectations,
• We provide comparison on infrastructure and equipment costs,
• We provide comparison on functionality and technology,
• In order to meet the budget, we optimize the design and sub-divide the investment to years.

You are always safe with Tepe Defense 360 degree security solutions.



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