Bilkent Holding

Bilkent Holding

The accomplishments of Bilkent as a brand are a direct result of the pursuit of excellence - maintained from day one. 

The roots of Bilkent Holding stretch back to 1968 when İhsan Doğramacı established Dilek İnşaat to operate in the construction industry. It was then followed by Tepe Ağaç Metal ve Makina Sanayi (Timber, Metal and Machinery) and Meteksan in 1969. After a restructuring process in 1986, the companies were gathered under the one roof of Bilkent Holding.

Since its inception, the main goal of Bilkent Holding and its subsidiaries has been to create consistent, sustainable and long-term value for its partners. Consequently, Bilkent Holding strives for high quality, profitability and maximum customer satisfaction in all its endeavors across numerous industries.

Having expanded the scope of its activities significantly over the past 50 years, Bilkent Holding is now a major player in construction and construction materials industries, furniture production and retail, the printing house industry, defence and security, fitness, insurance, tourism, energy, real estate, service industries. It has also been actively involved in airport and maritime transport operations through its subsidiaries. The expertise Bilkent Holding acquired domestically through its numerous industries, spread overseas to Africa, Europe, Middle East, Russia, Turkic Republics and USA.

Having successfully grown its geographical areas of operation and expanded its fields of activity, Bilkent Holding is now listed among the top 50 Turkish Holdings. All of its Holding companies hold leading positions in their respective markets.

Since its inception, the strive for perfection has been the major driving force behind the success of the Bilkent brand. The Holding, determined to reach the “best possible performance” in each stage of its corporate and operational procedures, has consequently become a leading establishment due to its competitive, progressive, innovative, reliable, environmentally friendly, professional and dynamic qualities. The most critical asset the Holding boasts in its ongoing journey towards perfection is its skilled human resources team. Formed as a result of the corporate approach for “assigning the right person to the right job,” each embraces a true sense of belonging.

Having achieved the financial and operational goals, Bilkent Holding will continue to pursue increased investments in sectors where it holds a forerunner position and a competitive advantage. Bilkent Holding also regards sustainable growth rate as an important component, along with impressive annual performance, for a respectable position in the business world. Therefore, it will seek to maintain its pioneer role in the sectors that it leads. Furthermore, venturing into new horizons that are in line with Bilkent Holding principles and long-term strategic goals are also among the Holding’s future prospects. Public-private sector cooperation projects, privatizations, overseas investment opportunities and investment projects for the development of new technologies are being evaluated.

The reputable image created by the Bilkent brand, its leading position in its sectors, and its sound financial structure combined with the utmost respect to legal and ethical values will propel Bilkent Holding’s nearly 50 years experience into the future.