Company Policy



Tepe Defence, with the certificates it adds to its portfolio for years and experience, has managed to challenge the quality standards and push the customer satisfaction levels to the top. Within this context our aim is; to increase our productivity, cooperating with the suppliers who provide us goods and services in a way which secures quality, environment sensitivity and workplace security, and to aim the better and the right all the time while systematically and regularly evaluating our activities in all fields and points of operation. Within the scope of our operations, we commit to comply with the legal requirements, first and foremost regarding workplace health and security, and to prevent environmental effects, pollution and risks of accidents. It is our common duty and future as the company employees to secure the continuity of the Integrated Management System.

Genel Müdür


With regard to the sectors in which it operates; to be leading company in national and international markets that creates the norm in service quality.


In compliance with the law numbered 5188, to meet the private security needs of the public as well as the private sector with security staff who has been trained in their field, equipped with the modern accoutrements, whose criteria has been determined with care and who are the part and parcel of security, With the aim of helping the armed forces in security and public order and protection of the private property, to train Private Security Staff who can perform private security and protection duties as stipulated in the laws, who have technical and tactical knowledge, high work discipline and professional and general sophistication, who believe in the rule of law, who respect human rights, who adopt modern and dynamic thought system, who can adapt to developing technologies, who understand their authority and execution styles, who have excellent communication skills, character and qualities, As a company which is environmentally conscious, aware of their responsibility towards society and employees, in terms of technology and quality as a leader in its sector our policy is to offer our customers products and services which exceed their expectations to ensure their satisfaction.


Through the Eyes of Our Customers