Our organization’s policy is to add value to the national economy, to value personnel training at the highest level, to create most suitable custom security solutions for our country by following the developments around the world and to create unconditional customer satisfaction.

Tepe Defence and Security Systems Inc. has created a special security understanding that today and future requires and aimed to improve it’s existing system with it’s resources, international connections, customer focused target policy and educated expert staff.

In this context, Tepe Defence and Security Systems Inc. has established a Human Resources Management policy in line with the values of Bilkent Holding and has set a personel selection policy based on modernity, Kemalist system of thought, innovative, openness to change, leadership skills, energetic and open for improvement candidates and that attaches importance to being experts, knowledge, skills and experience about the position considered for him/her.

Tepe Defence and Security Systems Inc. takes into consideration the satisfaction and pleasure of all its employees while performing its personnel management in line with all legal requirements and the principles of Bilkent Holding.

All of our employees are supported to develop their personal talents to the highest level. Our aim is to keep our organization dynamic in line with the company policy and objectives, and to be prepared for changes. Continuous improvement and development approach has been adopted in order to use our human resources in the most effective and efficient manner, and to direct the human resources in line with company’s goals. On this account, it is always possible to provide a professional business environment to our employees.

Our management understanding is based on “RESPECT FOR HUMAN” and all our employees have freely use their right to speak and learn. For this purpose, special importance is given to the effectiveness of internal communication and perceptions of employees are followed by individual or group interviews.

In order to increase the satisfaction of employees, the Human Resources Coordinator and its affiliated personnel visit the sites and report their results to the Executive Management.


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