What Are the Requirements to Become an Armed Security Guard?
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What Are the Requirements to Become an Armed Security Guard?

What Are the Requirements to Become an Armed Security Guard?

What Are the Requirements to Become an Armed Security Guard?

There are a number of important requirements that individuals must meet to become armed security guards. These requirements are set to ensure the safety of both the individual and the community. Firstly, candidates must be at least high school graduates and at least 18 years old, guaranteeing a basic level of education and maturity. Candidates must have a clean criminal record and not have been convicted of any crimes, proving their reliability. It is required that they present a health report to certify that they are physically and mentally fit, showing they can handle the challenges they may face during their duties. Candidates must successfully complete relevant training programs and obtain certification to prove they have the necessary knowledge and skills to become armed security guards. This training and certification process ensures that candidates gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, thus granting them the authority to carry and use firearms. In summary, the requirements to become an armed security guard are intended to ensure that candidates are prepared to take on this critical role and have the necessary equipment to ensure the safety of the community.

In this article, you can find information about the steps you need to follow on the path to becoming an armed security guard and the questions you may encounter.

What Does an Armed Security Guard Do?

Armed security guards are responsible for ensuring the safety of the places they are assigned to and perform a wide range of activities in fulfilling this duty. At the core of their duties are identifying and preventing potential threats, preventing unauthorized access, and intervening in possible criminal actions.

Armed security personnel usually work in places where security is particularly important, such as shopping malls, banks, schools, government buildings, and private events.

Their job descriptions include controlling the entry of unauthorized persons, monitoring security cameras, implementing emergency procedures, and using legal force when necessary. Additionally, armed security guards act as a crucial link in crisis situations by providing the first response until police, fire, and emergency medical services arrive. Therefore, armed security guards not only have the authority to use force but also take on a role that requires a high level of responsibility, attention, and quick decision-making skills.

What Are the Requirements to Become an Armed Security Guard?

The requirements to become an armed security guard are as follows:

  • Age Requirement: Candidates must be over 21 years old.
  • Education Requirement: At least a high school diploma is generally mandatory.
  • Clean Criminal Record: Candidates must have a clean criminal record and must not have been convicted of any crimes.
  • Health Status: They must have a health report proving that they are physically and mentally fit.
  • Not Deprived of Public Rights: Candidates must not have been deprived of their public rights due to any crime. This means that the candidate must be legally able to exercise all citizenship rights.
  • Penal Conditions: Candidates must not have been sentenced to more than one year in prison for any crime.

These conditions are set to verify that individuals who will become armed security guards possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and character traits.

What Are the Training and Certification Requirements for Armed Security Guards?

The education and certification process required to become an armed security guard ensures that candidates possess both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. This process generally includes the following steps:

  • Completion of the Training Program: Armed security courses typically cover a curriculum that includes both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. These courses provide candidates with training on firearm usage, first aid, fire safety, legal issues, and security protocols.
  • Successful Completion of Exams: At the end of the course, candidates must pass exams that test their theoretical knowledge and practical skills. These exams usually consist of written, oral, and practical sections.
  • Obtaining a Certificate: Candidates who successfully complete the exams are entitled to receive a certificate allowing them to work as armed security guards. This certificate shows that the candidate has successfully completed the relevant training and possesses the necessary qualifications.

Frequently Asked Questions About Armed Security Requirements

Is There a Height Requirement for Armed Security Guards?

Generally, there is no specific height requirement to become an armed security guard.

How Much Is the Salary of an Armed Security Guard?

As of 2024, the salary of armed security guards in Turkey generally ranges from 19,500 TL and above. This amount may vary depending on various factors such as the guard's experience, the region where they work, the level of risk associated with the job, and the financial capabilities of the institution they work for. Especially those working in high-risk duties or in more specific areas such as private protection services may earn higher salaries.

How Long Does the Armed Security Course Last?

The training program organized for individuals who want to become private security guards includes a comprehensive curriculum covering both theoretical and practical information. This program prepares candidates for professional life by combining basic security training and firearm training. This training, consisting of 120 course hours in total, includes 100 hours of theoretical and practical training and 20 hours of special firearm training. While theoretical and practical training provides the necessary knowledge and skills for private security guards to handle situations they may encounter, firearm training teaches the basic principles and safety of firearm use. On the other hand, refresher training organized to keep the knowledge and skills of existing private security guards up to date is planned to be at least 60 course hours. For unarmed private security guards, this duration is determined as 50 hours. These trainings aim to increase the ability of private security guards to protect both themselves and the community so that they can perform their profession to the highest standards.

What Happens If You Fail the Security Exam?

Candidates who fail the security exam usually have the right to retake the exam after a certain period. However, this process may vary depending on the policies of the training institution and local laws.

Becoming an armed security guard is an important profession that requires high responsibility. Those considering a career in this field are expected to meticulously fulfill the necessary conditions and continuously improve themselves.

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