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Security and protection services provided as complementary to public security in order to prevent the right of life, possession, business management rights, property rights and other rights and freedoms belonging to real and legal persons from being attacked are called 'Private Security'. Private security guard is also the one who protects and It is a deterrent element in attacks to be made against the areas or persons it provides security for.

The work of the personnel is generally based on a 24-hour basis. Due to the nature of many workplaces, at work even if normal work ends. Security guards who have to wait for their add-ons often work in three shifts.

Requirements to be a private security guard

The necessary conditions to be the private security guard are determined by law. These conditions are;

  • Being a citizen of the Republic of Türkiye,
  • Being a graduate of at least eight years of primary school, secondary school, high school or equivalent school,
  • Being at least 18 years old for unarmed training,
  • To be at least 21 years old for armed training,
  • Not having committed any of the crimes listed in the relevant articles of the Turkish Penal Code,
  • To be successful in the central examination by completing the private security basic training and to get a positive result in the security investigation.
  • To have a medical report showing that it meets the conditions of physical and mental illness and disability that may prevent the fulfillment of the task.

Those who want to be the private security guard are obliged to attend the certificate programs in Private Security Training Institutions established with the permission of the Ministry of Interior. The private security guard candidates must take the six annual centralized examination after the certification program. Those who are successful in this exam can apply for an identity card. A person can have an identity card and start working within approximately 4-6 months from the date of his/her education. In addition, candidates who have graduated from private security departments in vocational high schools within the body of certain universities can directly step into the profession without taking the exams.

What training is required to become a private security guard?

Along with the "Private Security Basic Training", five years after obtaining the private security officer ID, private security officers are also required to take the "Renewal Training". Candidates who want to become a armed private security officer receive 100 hours of basic training and 20 hours of basic weapons training in the Private Security Basic Training. In the renewal training, 50 hours of renewal training and 10 hours of renewal training are taken for those who have an armed private security officer ID. A 100-hour basic training program is applied to become an unarmed private security guard. Personnel with this identity are subject to 50 hours of renewal training at the end of five years. Such as “Private Security Law and personal rights, Security Measures, Security Systems and Devices, Basic First Aid, Fire Safety and Intervention Styles, Drug Information, Effective Communication, Crowd Management, Person Protection, General Law Enforcement Relations and Weapons Information and Practical Shooting” courses private security guard training required included in the programme.


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