Unstoppable Transformation of Digital Transformation
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Unstoppable Transformation of Digital Transformation

Unstoppable Transformation of Digital Transformation


The concept of digital transformation is the power of companies to improve their capacity to change business processes through combining executive’s leadership capabilities with the use of technology and data. Corporate previous experience on prior organizational changes that are transferred to corporate memory play an important role in the efficacy and success of digital transformation. In fact, the time frame organizations call as “digital transformation period” involves previous periods before the beginning of transformation as well. Therefore, digital transformation actually consists of a very large time frame. Although the word “transformation” means changing from one form to another, since there are infinite number of forms, the process of “transformation” will never end. Maybe the key point here is “predictability” and having “empathy.” 

Companies in service industry have to be very good observers outside of their business fields as well. Predictability and empathy capabilities allow them to discover their clients’ needs early on. The notion of “creating the need” in marketing means “ability to feel the need” in digital transformation. Digital transformation processes create such a fast-paced need for change that feeling the digital transformation needs of client has to be the priority of companies and brands in the service industry. 

Like the wheels of a clock, we have to maintain the pace of development of our own processes, in the rhythm of our customers' operation and change, at the rhythm that the clock can work correctly. 

It may sometimes feel scary to think of the perpetuity of digital transformation concept. It will be compulsory to keep up, not left behind, be a leader and keep up the same rhythm with the clients that we serve to. 

For this, a couple of solutions stand out; to have the work force to be able to lead the change, to adopt a super flexible corporate structure not only for digital transformation but for all business processes, establish a similar approach as in R&D research and development labs and constantly follow up "The Categories of Sector, Market and Customer”, like a laboratory approach.

Data collection and technology investments are surely must-haves of digital transformation. Yet, data analytics and tech-investments may not always catch up on the unstoppable change pace of digitalization, which is transformed by an unstoppable transformation. Such that maybe more collective digital transformation monitor centers will be needed in the future. There will be collective transformation systems, which can provide and apply technical infrastructure quickly for each sector, which can plan and synchronize internet of things and artificial intelligence applications and adapt them to the design function of human brain. Predictability and empathy will have a bidirectional importance here. As much as empathizing and foreseeing the digital needs of the clients in service industry,  foresight of how fast the machines and technology will be able to respond and be sufficient to these needs will be important.

For companies serving in the security sector, predictability and empathy will even gain more importance. During the pandemic period that we faced on 2020 and onwards, physical and electronic security companies undertook critical responsibilities with their 360 degrees security solutions and security personnel. These companies also undertaked a wider range of responsibilities compared to past in terms of closely monitoring the business fields of their clients. 

The fact that digitalization began to occupy a place in our lives with a much greater speed along with the epidemic process has further strengthened the "unstoppable transformation of digital transformation". It is of great importance to establish more effective systems in digitalization by closely following the changes in customers' business processes. For companies that offer services in B2B, they can strive to make a difference not only with the "quality of service" they offer to their customers, but also with their "ability and capacity to anticipate and empathize with possible customer needs and expectations".

In the journey of Digital Transformation, organizations improving their corporate capacities to improve their foresight and empathy capabilities will have a much stronger impact on the digital transformation of the society. The next step will focus on how corporate organizations can improve their foresight and empathy capabilities.

Our next step will be: “How can we develop our corporate foresight capabilities in identifying the digital needs on a sectoral basis?”





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