How Do Alarm Systems Work?
How Do Alarm Systems Work?

How Do Alarm Systems Work?

How Do Alarm Systems Work?

Alarm systems have operating styles that vary according to different usage needs. For this reason, systems should be preferred according to their intended use. For example, there are warning and operation differences between fire alarm systems and burglar alarm systems. Burglar alarm systems usually include motion-sensitive sensors. It also gives its signals according to the sensor movements here.

Sensor types used in alarms are designed with the capability to detect different security situations. For example, today there are alarm systems with very successful sensors that can distinguish fire from theft. While these alarms transmit signals to security centers in case of security breach, they also inform your mobile phone (or another channel you specify) at the same time.

Gas leak alarm systems

These alarm systems, which enable all kinds of gas leaks to be noticed, generally do not have sensors that can detect theft or fire situations. The sensors of this type of alarm are only sensitive to gas leaks.

Fire alarms

This type of alarm contains detectors and is sensitive to all kinds of heat and smoke. When the detectors are triggered by smoke and increasing heat, the alarm starts to sound and at the designated point creates a fire condition.

Burglar alarm systems

They are systems that will help you prevent all kinds of theft with many more integrated detection tools such as money traps, magnetic devices. The main feature of these types of alarms is that they have deterrent elements against thieves.

Does the alarm work when the power goes out?

Our answer is yes. In most alarm models, the battery and battery inside the panel is sufficient to keep the system running even if there is no electricity. However, for this to happen, the battery in the alarm system must be replaced every two years.

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